For Sale 1968 Mustang Convertible Padded Console - Manual Transmission

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    This came as original equipment in my 68 Mustang Convertible. Original Light Blue in color. I have repainted and redyed the original color, although I did several extra coats to richen up the color to match the same treatment I did on my doors and dash. So deeper color than original. Obviously you can paint / dye to match your interior.

    Overall condition is excellent... I had to repair one of the metal mounting ears for the radio / garage door housing after some dumb *** (me) tried to bend it slightly. Using JB Weld & metal reinforcement it is sturdy, out of sight, and fuctions fine. I also repaired a few cracks in the base, most being under the shifter plate.

    There is one split in the vinyl about 1" long, but it is under the shifter plate and not likely to ever become an issue down the road.

    There are no seat belt cups or console to floor mounting screws.

    Wiring is all there and in great shape. Light bulbs in rear light tested and working. Hairline crack in new repro light lens.

    Radio Pad seems to have a slight separation from metal backing near the top, but appears fully usable, or maybe it's the way it's supposed to be, (never had one before so I'm guessing) but it looks and works fine when set in place.

    If I were keeping my convertible, there is no way I would be selling this console. However I am redirecting as many funds as possible into my Shelby clone (AKA "The Money Pit")... so off it goes to a good home.

    For a 40 year old console, this is damn nice! Is it perfect? This is about as nice as you will find in a 40+ year old padded console.

    $550 + UPS shipping ... or local pickup welcome

    Looking for a 4 spd Toploader RUG - E2 in working order complete with shift rods. Can work trade with someone local near western MA.

    Located in Hadley MA 01035

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