1973 Q Code 351C 4v Engine - Complete

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by wd5, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Engine is disassembled to the short block, but is complete from oil pan to original air cleaner. Includes 4 bolt short block - appears to be .30 over but it is hard to tell. Almost no ridge. Hole in one piston likely why it was parked! Also includes 4v heads with original exhaust and intake manifolds, 4300d carb, pulleys, brackets, etc. A/C stuff also available but not included here. I'm asking $850 for the whole thing. I've gotten to that value by assuming the heads are worth $200, short block $350, carb $200 (I know they suck but ebay folks seem to be getting this for pretty crappy examples), manifolds $50, misc brackets, pulleys, air cleaner, etc. $50. Let me know if you think I'm out of line on any of this. And I state these figures just to show how I got to $850. At this point I'm not willing to separate, and am hoping to find someone that wants to build a correct best-for-the-year 1973 motor. I live in Placerville, one hour east of Sacramento and approximately one hour west of South Lake Tahoe.
    Walter Drane
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