Expired 1988 Mustang 5.0 Lx

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    1988 Mustang 5.0 Lx for trade or sale. Red paint (was repainted by original owner, the pictures are from after it snowed and th car was dirty so any streaks or dirt you see isnt the paint), red/black interior. Previous owner told me the vehicle had only 99,000 original miles when I purchased the vehicle back in November of 2013 and considering the engine runs very strong I believe it. The vehicle now has about 101500 miles on it now. I am the third owner of the vehicle the Previous owner was the second, he was an older man around 55 years old and the only other owner before that was his mother (no idea why she had the mustang but thats cool lol :lol:). I've had it and it has been in stored in the garage until recently when I had to take it out due to house issues; now being parked in my driveway. It is a 5 speed t5 manual. The car is all original besides the BBK Cold Air Intake, BBK headers, MAC x pipe and Mac exhaust, MRT short throw shifter, Upgraded 3g 130Amp Alternator from SVT with 4 gauge power wire (put in, in january) and lastly the new $130 Pioneer Mixtrax headunit and the $400 6 new Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers that were put in last month. New parts put on since i've purchased the vehicle are: Egr valve and position sensor, Distributor, tfi module, Spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor, ignition coil, negative battery cable, map sensor, a few vacuum lines, door to body weather strip, 3g alternator, ignition solenoid, the idle air control valve, and the headlights are newer. I'm sure theres more but I cant quite remember. I did an oil change on the vehicle about 500 miles ago, and also changed the plugs at that time. The vehicle does need a few things a right o2 sensor(although if no one s interested in trading the vehicle, I will be changing them both in about two weeks), needs a new piece of trim for the outside passenger quarter panel( glue wore out and is bending and peeling due to the cold weather, and lastly needs weather stripping for the sunroof. The battery gauge on the dashboard is bouncing up and down which causes the dashboard and headlights to flicker, although its not effecting the vehicle considering I had a system test preformed with the engine off and under load and the alternator, battery and cranking system are perfect. I was told that the new alternator needs a new voltage regulator, although I will be getting that in a week (have a replacement on its way bought from late model restoration.com) and lastly the other issue that doesnt effect the car is when its hot and you start the car it has that typical foxbody surging idle for about 5 seconds and then go's to the rpms its suppose to. It has been checked out by for and I was told it was the ECT sensor which is only $28.00. The vehicle has No rust anywhere except for one tiny spot about a half of an inch on the hatch(common for foxbody's) but other than that this fox is one of the last few left that were unmolested and havent been beaten on. The pictures's that i've posted with it dont do it enough justice, if you see it in person you'll realize how beautiful of a car it is. The only reason i'm trading it, is because My father just bought a SN95 (2001 gt) and I really like that body style. My fox is in really good condition and has been well maintained and kept clean while i've had it. I had an offer for $8000 but I turned it down because the mustangs over here where i'm at in South Jersey are beat on junkers, and I dont want to be left with money, no mustang and be forced to buy a crappy car; thus why I came to you guys :D. Pictures below, thank you for your interest and for looking. If interested post below and show me what you've got! Looking for a 2000-04 gt 5SPEED ONLY! Best Offer and dont lowball please. photo.jpg photo_1.jpg photo_2.jpg photo_3.jpg photo_4.jpg photo_5.jpg photo_6.jpg photo.jpg photo_1.jpg photo_2.jpg photo_3.jpg photo_4.jpg photo_5.jpg photo_6.jpg photo_7.jpg photo.jpg photo_1.jpg photo_2.jpg photo_3.jpg photo_4.jpg photo_5.jpg photo_6.jpg photo_7.jpg

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