Build Thread 1990 Lx 5.0 Restomod Build

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  1. I picked up a new set of Cobra R's just days before I moved from Florida. Other than that, nothing has happened with the car. We had been prepping for our move to Colorado, living in temporary housing for a few weeks, and just got to Colorado about a week ago.

    I had the car shipped and it arrived last Tuesday, in an enclosed trailer nonetheless. Evidently the carrier had a spot on an enclosed trailer so they loaded it onto that. I used ABCAutoTransport and everything went very smoothly.

    After I get the rest of the boxes unpacked in the house, and get the garage squared away, things might start happening with the car again although I suspect house projects are going to take a priority for awhile.

    Pic of the car with the "new" wheels...
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  2. When I did my SVO, the metal was bent up on the bumper also. I welded a 12" long piece of 1" angle steel to the strip basically under each taillight area because the bumper cover was warped so bad that it wanted to pull the strip down even once it was bolted tight. Worked like a charm. Bumper is nice and staight now.
  3. After reading thru this whole thread, I have to say you are doing a very nice job indeed!!
    When you got to the stage of getting it ready to paint, I cringed. I have painted two fox body Mustangs, one last summer and one this summer. Man I absolutely hate getting these cars ready and painting them. I think I'm going to stick with the 60's Mustang's, they are much easier to deal with in my experiences!!
  4. went through this entire thread last night, great work
  5. Thanks guys...see this thread has hit 20,000 views which is freakin' nuts.
  6. 19,000 were mine
  7. Clearly I haven't updated or added anything new to this thread in a LONG time, mainly because nothing new has happened with the car. I've done a few fixes in the past couple of years, gotten the car to a level where it can pass smog in Denver with flying colors, and replaced the gas tank which always had a slight leak when the car was full.

    A couple of months ago I sold the Cobra R's and picked up a set of new 10th Anniversary Cobras and new rubber from American Muscle. The more I see the car out and about...the more I like the look.

  8. Those look much better than the Cobra R wheels IMO.
  9. Great build thread! Congrats and thanks for the attention to details.