2 Stage Nitrous Kit with purge and heater $350 shipped

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    I got a deal on a Procharger so I really need this gone to buy stuff to complete my supercharger build. I will trade for stuff also, just let me know what you have in mind.

    This is the kit that is $610 at Jegs: Barry Grant 12060 The Nitrous Works Billet Atomizer Dual-Stage Nitrous Kits
    and this (minus the $15 tube) that is $230 (some parts have been replaced like the transducer and hobbs) at Jegs: Barry Grant 16032 The Nitrous Works MaxPak Bottle Heater Kit
    and this Purge kit $95 Barry Grant 19006 The Nitrous Works Purge Valve Kit

    One of the noids leaked so you will have to put seals in at least one, i was going to do both the nitrous noids, the kit is just over $30 at Jegs.

    You will need a few small parts to make it complete.


    Shoot me a PM, resppond here or email me at badride5 at gmail dot com.

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