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    Dec 9, 2003
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    Plano, TX
    well first off... super stoked.
    passed emissions test yesterday... without cats lol... love new mexico. old irish guy did the emissions check... he asked if he wanted to look under my car for anything missing or extra, and i told him no. he laughed, opened a beer and started the test... it was hilarious.

    i leave for basic in 3 weeks... my dad is going to be driving my car while i'm a little preoccupied for 9 weeks... which is really sad... but umm... basically i am just going to be gone from the world for 10 weeks... boo.... but my job is amazing i'm way excited... the army own's me for the next 6 years, but i'll be out before my 26th birthday which is pretty cool i guess.

    but while i'm gone i have 2.5 months of pay that i wont touch, plus i have no debt to my name... which is amazing... but umm... i dont know what next, i'm thinking 5lug and a new tranny... and a few other things... but i want to keep it auto, so my question is which is the best auto they make, eventually i'd love to supercharge, so what would fit the bill... i'm not pushing for anything over 450hp. if you guys have any input lemme know. B&M makes one http://www.brothersperformance.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/1_738_732/products_id/2930
    ... PA also has an AOD.... my driving is spirited at times, but i never drag race... straight lines aren't my thing... Lentech makes the Street Bruiser...

    sorry so long.. i'm just talkative today...
    any opinions are welcomed...

    bye kids

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