20 Years Of Svt And Ford Mustang Goodness At Woodward Ave

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    Every late-summer, Ford Mustang fanatics (and many other automotive junkies) all get together for an incredible display of American history & legends at the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise. This year (2012) marks a unique milestone for Ford, however, as the Special Vehicle Team is celebrating its 20 years of supplying production & aftermarket performance vehicles and applications to the mass-market. How cool is that? Hard to believe it has been two decades of awesome, honestly.
    The event itself is definitely one to mark your calendar over, with over 800 classic Ford Mustangs on display along with a wide array of special 20th Anniversary SVT performance vehicles. Additionally, celebrity guest Vaughn Gittin Jr. and many other Ford professional drivers will put on a dramatic “Burn out Box” display for onlookers. Sounds like a seriously hot blast!
    So have we piqued your interest yet? Thought so…keep reading to get the rest of the details about this fantastic Ford event in the Press Release, following.
    Read more of 20 years of SVT and Ford Mustang goodness at Woodward Ave at StangNet!

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