2004 cobra engine 32v supercharged 19k mi 500hp 550tq $5500

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by sammystang06, Jan 17, 2010.

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    stafford, va
    i bought this engine from a friend, he wrecked his cobra and bought it back from the insurance company, i have the vin, and some pictures of the car to confirm if needed, the motor ran great and ran properly, no ticks or knocks, it has 19,000 miles, the car put down 500hp and 550 torque at the wheels before the accident, it has an accufab throttle body and a aftermarket pulley kit on it, they aftermarket parts only have about a 1000 miles on them, there is no wiring harness and not trans, the clutch is included, and it has all of the front accessories, (my friend still has the trans if you want it, he wants $1500 for it). im not sure what this is worth because of it not having the harness or ecu, but i'd like to get $5500 for it....i am located in fredericksburg, va. if you have anymore questions email me or call me @ 540 657 8056 sam

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