Expired 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible - Whipple Supercharger 600 Rwhp

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale' started by rthouck, May 12, 2013.

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    I have a 2004 Cobra Convertible with 38k miles. It has a 2.3L whipple supercharger tuned for around 580 rwhp. Front tires have less than 5k miles. Rear tires - less than 2k on BF Goodrich drag radials.

    Whipple Supercharger
    60lb injectors
    SLP Long Tube Headers
    X-pipe w/ CATs
    Magnaflow exhaust
    Diablo Mafia MAF
    Subframe Connectors w/ jacking rails (great on the vert)
    IRS brace
    IRS subframe reinforcement brackets
    QA1 double adjustable shocks(rear)
    ARP wheel studs
    AFCO Heat exchanger
    Steeda Tri-ax
    Eibach springs (not installed)
    SCT Big Air 3000 (not installed)
    Dual fuel pumps
    Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump (from before the dual's - not installed)
    3.00 Pulley (never installed)

    Full stereo (7 total speakers)
    Sony XNV-770BT Navigation Unit (nav, blue tooth, ipod, etc..)
    4 speaker Infinity Reference 6830cs component system up front
    2 speaker Infinity Reference 6032si in the rear
    1 12" Infinity Kappa 120.9w
    Boston Acoustics 5 channel amp


    I'm looking at $21k for the car. I also have a 3.0 pulley that should push the hp to around 600 RWHP. I must be getting old, I realized the car is beyond fast enough right now, so I never bothered putting it on. I forget to check this that often so if you would like any specific information about the car please email me at [email protected] (it comes to my phone and I can get you a quick response).



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