SOLD 2005-2009 Mustang Gt

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    My car is in the shop this week and the following parts will be available for local pick up only, at Blowby Racing in Boca Raton, Florida. I don't have a garage to store this stuff in, so it has to go!

    -(4) 18" x 8.5" Polished Bullit rims with Tire pressure sensors-$600
    -Roush Billet shifter-$175
    -3650 Tremec Transmission-$500
    -24 Lb. Injectors-$60
    -Under drive pulley set-$100
    -Steeda IMRC Delete Plates-(Good for 10hp)-$150
    -Stock intake-$60
    -Stock Drive Shaft-$60
    -Stock Fuel pump and Fuel Hat-$110
    -Steeda-Cold air intake-$200
    -Steeda strut tower brace-$110
    (2)-Steeda mufflers-right tip is dented-$200
    -Front left headlight assembly (New)-$100
    -Front right headlight assembly original-$50
    -Factory Gt style wing-$75

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