2005 GT in Madison Wisconsin

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    Add Wisconsin to the List, Its Finally here!!! I got a call after work that they were just finishing unloading 2 2005 mustang GT's from the truck. One is the black one I have pictures of here and the other one is Legend Lime, but they wouldnt let me look at that one because it was already sold and they were getting it ready for delivery in the body shop while I was there. The sound is nice, I would still go with some Flowmasters though, The interior is a little roomier but the back seat still isnt any better for leg room. The shifter Placement is a lot better than in the 99+ mustangs, and the throw is better too. The standard interior really kind of sucks in my opinion unless you get the interior upgrade package. I dont understand why ford decided to get rid of the Oil pressure and Voltage gauges. Evidently you have to get the IUP to get those gauges as well as the MyColor thing and Message Center. The black one didnt have the IUP and I was disapointed in the interior because of that. I also didnt care for the Bright Machined wheels, In my opinion the Standard Bullit Type Wheels are much Better. I'm gonna go back and take it for a Test Drive if it isnt sold by then. :D




    YUCK.......Interior Upgrade Package is a Must!!!!!

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