2008 Ford Shelby GT Wins Ponycar War

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    Two of the most popular Ford Mustang team players are still at it, aiming to create a ponycar that keeps a leading stride, time after time. Ford and Shelby have again triumphed to produce a winner to capture the Motor Trend crown as a result of its ?Pony Expressed? rundown, set to hit stands in the April 2008 issue. On a performance/value basis, the 2008 Ford Shelby GT Mustang topped out over two other top hot competitors in the battle--Roush and Saleen, proving that this little S197 Ford Mustang gets the rider the most bang for the buck. Check out more in the official press release inside. [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img>


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