2011 Mustang 5.0 Free Stuff!! - Sycamore, IL

Discussion in 'Exterior Parts' started by ATMProducts, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Attention any 2011 Mustang Owners!

    We here at Auto Meter Products are looking for a 2011 Mustang V8 to perform an installation of our products on. We are interested in installing a tachometer adapter, and (your choice) either a tachometer, shift light, or RPM switch. We will perform the install, and supply the parts at no charge to you. Any wiring modifications are done neatly and professionally. If interested, shoot me an e mail, or give us a call. If you call, choose any option when calling, then ask for Cory. 866-248-6357.

    This offer is only good one time, for one vehicle. Once we have a vehicle, this offer is no longer any good. The installation site may be here n Sycamore at the factory, or can be done at my residence in Rochelle. The car does not need to be test driven by us. Only started and ran before, during, and after installation.

    This included pics are a sample of a new vehicle install (shift light and RPM module) we performed a little over a year ago on the Official Hot Rod 2010 Test Camaro.




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