2013 Ford Mustang Customizer App Up For Grabs

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    No Ford Mustang fan of contemporary times is a stranger to the Ford customizer web sites that have come about over the past few years. These sites have spurred social media excitement, competitions, and fantastic Ford giveaways. Head-to-head Mustang design challenges, voting, and now, an “action” element make this next rendition of the 2013 Mustang customizer something to get seriously excited about.
    The latest customer for the Ford Mustang is now going to be available as a mobile app, designed for release & deployment to the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, as well as the wide gamut of Android mobile phones & tablets. Big deal, right? Well, it sort of is. Why? This new avenue of market reach doesn’t just allow people to “design on the go”…it opens up a totally new front of customization, rapid-design, and ultimately, a more solid user/enthusiast experience for all things Mustang.
    Keep reading to learn more about the 2013 Mustang customizer app in the official PR from Ford.
    Read more of 2013 Ford Mustang customizer app up for grabs at StangNet!

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