2014 Ford Mustang configurator is now online

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    Got your 2014 Ford Mustang all planned out? Know what colors and options are out there as choices? Got the coin to cough up for a brand new Mustang? Well, if not, you’re in luck–at least with the first two questions posed. The new online configuration tool for the 2014 Mustang is now active and loaded up with all the changes for the almost 50th Anniversary of America’s favorite pony car.
    Think you’re ready to build your own? If so, head over to the Ford Mustang configurator tool now!
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    Two new colors are now available for the 2014 Mustang: Oxford White and Ruby Red Metallic. Dropped colors: High Performance White, Red Candy Metallic, School Bus Yellow. Additionally, the configuration tool includes the new pricing for the 2014 model year…a hike of $450 for both the Mustang GT and the Shelby GT500, with the Mustang V6 pricing remaining flat.
    Source: Ford
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