2014 Ford Mustang Saleen S351 prototype

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    Steve Saleen and his crew are no strangers at all to the Ford Mustang performance realm, and his team is one that’s not likely to be left out of the action. With the teaser of a future 351 Mustang back in November 2012, we can now hold it up to the light and see a 2014 Mustang, a la S351…well, a prototype, at least. This weekend past, at Knott’s Berry Farm in SoCal, Saleen had the S351 Mustang on display for passers by to check out and pitch their cheers or jeers at it.


    From what we glean from the images over at MustangsDaily, there isn’t really anything earth-shattering–for the most part, Saleen has kept the styling cues along the lines of what we have come to expect over the years, for better or worse. Couple the expected style with a blown V8 with 700 horsepower, and hey, you’ve got power in the hands of a few once again.

    The one noteworthy item about this Saleen S351 Mustang is the coat of paint (Orange County Orange), which was tailored specifically for this rendition by the Saleen themselves. For now, we get to keep our eyes peeled and see what else leaks out on this 2014 Saleen S351 Mustang. Until the time comes, we have got plenty of eye candy to keep us pacified…maybe.

    Source: MustangsDaily

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