351c parts for sale. Block, heads etc.

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by bswor, Oct 6, 2006.

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    I was planning on building up this 351c block but have decided to hold off until my old block gives out completely. So i have a few parts for sale

    351 cleveland air gap intake $325

    351 cleveland: All New Procomp FORD 351c Cleveland 1.73 "Street " Rockers with 7/16" stud $120


    351 cleveland block 1971/72 CASTING NUMBER D2AE-CA , DATE CODE 1-M-9. 2 bolt main block with 4 bolt boss's, that can be fitted for 4 bolt main caps. Block has a fresh .030 over bore. Line bored and honed for cast rings. Deck is clear to seal and the oil gallies have been relieved. Grooved in main bearing saddles (better for oil flow) There are many x's and y's in vallley meaning high nickel content. Block is ready for build.
    Asking $550 for block. Its already crated and ready to ship.

    351 cleveland australian heads that have had a 3 angle valve job done and have the bigger 4v valves. Also has screw in studs.
    Asking $1250

    CompCams Cam part# 32-224-4 , link to specs: http://www.compcams.com/Technical/Search/CamDetails.asp?PartNumber=32-224-4
    Asking $110

    Pictures of block and heads soon to follow. I am an ebay powerseller and can setup a private ebay auction if needed. I'm also looking to accept only Money Orders or cashiers checks. May consider doing paypal but would rather not.

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