66 (and 65 GT) gauge, and senders

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    From my 66 coupe, I have:

    1. An Oil Pressure Gauge- Looks brand new, comes with the 2 nuts and cross-bracket, ready to be bolted in! (Should work in 65 GT [Round Speedometer version) and 66's.
    ($35, shipping included- USPS Priority Mail)

    2. A temperature sender for late model 66's- The threads were too small to fit the wire going to the gauge but it would still fit into the engine block. You could still run a jumper wire to it, and tape it down?
    ($15, shipping included- USPS Priority Mail)

    3. An extra fuel sender I have, with brass float- I bought it to use for gauge calibrations. I bought the same model 2 years ago, and it has not failed me yet.
    (Asking $25 including Priority mail shipping)

    I can be flexible with my prices, I need this money for a new tire, so I can get to/from school and work again. I'll accept PayPal, and you have my 30 satisfaction guarantee. For more info, please pm or email me at: [email protected]

    Thank you,

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