8 New Champion #7989 Spark Plugs for '05 - '07 Mustang 4.6L 3V - $90

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by fstncln, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Two brand new, unopened boxes of enhanced, one-piece spark plugs for the '05-'07 Mustang 4.6L 3V. These plugs will not break off in the head like the stock 2-pc. plugs can! Ford issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) about this problem and even went to a new plug design in '08 to reduce warranty costs. It can cost over $500 to repair the engine if one of the stock plugs breaks off inside the head. These plugs not only don't have that problem but they also use a standard 5/8" spark plug socket and are the stock heat range. They also are a conventional "J-gap"/projected nose style plug so they can be re-gapped much more easily than the stock "high thread" type plugs. These plugs go for about $13/ea. online, before shipping. You can have them for about $11 with no shipping or tax charges. Call frank @ 714-585-3129.

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