Expired 87 2.3l Suspension Parts

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by 87_LX_5.0, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Recently removed from an 87 2.3L notch Mustang:

    Front Springs (unknown brand)
    Rear Springs (Factory)
    Rotors (no bearings)
    Spindles/Dust Shields
    Struts (Monroe)
    Calipers/bolts (hoses still attached but should be replaced)

    All parts are in used/usable condition. Not sure what front springs were in there as I can't find any part numbers or brand name. I can tell you that they drop the front end. I replaced them with Ford Racing B springs and it actually raised the car a little with new isolators and struts. Rear spring were factory 4 cyl springs. Tag on was still on them and reads D9BC-5560-GA NIN. Not looking to get rich off of this. Really just want it all out of my way. $20 for everything. Located in Uniontown, PA (45 mi south of Pittsburgh).



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