Expired 88 5.0 Auto Speed Density Ecu/computer Freeeeeeeee

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by FordConvert, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Have a 1988 Mustang 5.0 Auto speed density computer in perfect working order, or at least was when pulled. Did the mass airflow swap so the computer needed to be swapped but worked great.

    Computer does have labels on it saying for Taurus/sable v6 only but did come from a 5.0 mustang. Car ran awesome with the computer up until new cam intake and heads. Car wouldn't idle right lol, couldn't compensate for the mods.

    Never the less on a otherwise mildly modified mustang 5.0 auto it works great. Computer is free, shipping is not. I live in Calgary Canada and cant see shipping being more than $20 anywhere unless you want a speedy delivery. Computer cost me $100.

    Lots of guys on this forum helped me out, maybe I can pay it forward to someone else. It took a lot of effort to find this computer when I needed it, driving to a small hick town in Saskatoon, car would not run without it prior to mods.

    Price is not negotiable lol! You pay for shipping! Hope this can help someone. Email me at [email protected], doubtful I will check my PMs if sent. I might but always check my email.