92 T-bird 5.0 Engine Questions

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by BKM48198, Mar 8, 2014.

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    I can get a 5.0 motor from a 92 T-Bird for just $200, the motor only has 112,000 miles on it. I'm thinking of buying it and swapping in a 5.o HO cam, gt40 heads from an Explorer ( with new Valve Springs) and maybe an Explorer intake. Is there a difference between the HO motor internally compared the the T-Bird motor or is the rotating assy. the same? Mostly worried about pistons working OK with the different heads. Not going to add Nitrous, Turbo, or supercharge it, just want a good daily driver. I will NOT use the T-Bird intake or heads. I have a ported (65mm) OE upper intake I can use for a while so I might use it and spend money on headers instead for now. Looking to stay INEXPENSIVE for now, but don't want to be cheap.

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