Progress Thread 93 Reef Blue Coupe

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  1. Thanks for your opinions, but that's how it is staying. It came from the factory with an opal gray interior and I wanted to highlight that. I'm sure it would look great with an all black interior, but I can't afford new seats and seat belts right now. I'm more of a go-fast kind of guy and would be happy driving a 10 second primer car with sheet metal interior. I want to spend most of my budget on engine/fuel/suspension. When I can afford nice new seats I may dye everything black. I'm ready to start wrenching on the fun stuff!
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  2. Oh I'm with you! And just to be clear I was just talking about the pad and glovebox. I wouldn't change anything else. I'm all for the "go fast" aspect of your build and agree the fun stuff is just starting. It looks fine as-is but just thought those couple of pieces dyed black would tie in your two-tone concept better IMO.
  3. Nice project with a great back story! It seems as though you are the meticulous type and I'm anxiously awaiting to see what you tear into next. What are the engine and suspension plans? Have you aquired a fair amount of parts for the engine/suspension already?

    The interior looks great by the way... Nice Work!
  4. pad, a/c vents and glove box, ...leave everything else grey.
    center console seats etc, .....= cost a can of paint, pretty cheap and will look good.
    ..... your car, drive it spotted up if you want :nice:
  5. Thanks! I am pretty picky, but trying not to get hung up on all the little details too. The motor will probably be changed a lot as the project evolves. To start out with I'm planning on running a carbed 302 with a 100-150 shot. I have a victor jr. intake port matched to a set of ported and polished 69' 351W heads, holley 650 dp with mech. secondaries and some other goodies. I'm going to use a 100k mile 302 with a stock bottom end out of a 90' and spray it til it dies! The hypereutectic pistons in the 93' motor might not last under the NOS. I'm going to build up my stock 93 block on the side to a 331-347 stroker as the budget allows. The more I drive it, the more I will miss EFI, but I am anxious to get the car back on the road and I have enough parts on the shelf to start out with a quick carb car.

    As far as suspension goes, I have a buddy that got me a deal on UPR stuff. I'm going to run the chrome moly K member kit w/coil overs and a-arms, strange 10 ways all around, poly bushings, rear control arms and possibly rear coil overs. I also got a quick ratio manual rack kit, bump steer kit and cc plates too. I'm staying four lug until I can afford the wheels I want, but I've been scouring the junkyards collecting SN95 brake parts. And yes, new parts are starting to pile up too :)
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  6. Very nice, my buddy ran a set of 70' DOOE 351w heads and with boost was able to go 10.0's with a stock block 331. Sounds like you are well on your way to a nice setup and I can't wait to see your car progress.

    @Sharad UPR FTW!
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  7. Got a cheap Grant for christmas and finally got around to installing it. The installation kit leaves a lot to be desired. Well, actually it blows. I got out the dremel and was able to modify the stock clockspring to make things a little easier. Came out pretty good, but I'm not fully sold on the steering wheel. Maybe santa will bring me a Momo next year:)
  8. not bad, did you remove the air bag chime box?
  9. Oh yeah, that damn thing went bad awhile ago! Also pulled the bulb out of the cluster :)
  10. When I swapped ECUs that thing made me nuts was sad i had to dig it out after putting it all back together, you clearly are smarter than me.
  11. I like the steering wheel.
  12. Thanks man! I like to cruise with my hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and a lot of the 3 spoke designs make that difficult. I'll rock it for awhile and upgrade when I find a nicer one.
  13. Is this still a work in progress? I searched fat mat and this came up, just wondering how much of a difference it makes. The road noise in my car is ridiculous and would love to take care of it.