Drivetrain 94 Gt Aode Issues

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  1. Hi,very new to this forum,so any help is much appreciated. I have a '94 Mustang GT with the Aode,it drives in the forward gears great but reverse takes a moment to engage then it slips or acts like it's in a bind while backing up,I drained the converter and changed the filter,but that had no effect,checked and rechecked the linkage etc any ideas ? Thanks again
  2. Could be the MLPS (manual lever position sensor). It needs to be aligned properly. Also, the older MLPS sensors didn't have a good weatherproofing seal, so if yours doesn't have an red / orange seal visible I'd replace it anyway. Here's a photo, from


    This sensor is on the driver's side of the transmission. Note the rectangular holes towards the bottom - those allow for alignment. There's a line on the housing and one on the inner ring on the sensor. when the car is in neutral, those lines should be perfectly aligned. If they're not, loosen the two bolts holding the MLPS in place, and twist the sensor until they are aligned.

    You may also be having some trouble with your VSS (vehicle speed sensor). I had an AODE that would occasionally pop into neutral while driving forward in any gear. I discovered the plastic gear on the VSS had stripped, and would occasionally slip. Have you or a former owner changed the gears in the rear axle? If you have 3.73's or 4.10's, the gear on the VSS is really thin and tends to strip. It's easy to check the gear on the VSS, remove one bolt and it comes right out. The sensor should also be on the driver's side of the transmission. Here's a photo of the sensor:


    Frayed or damaged wires going to the VSS, or a bad VSS could also be a cause of your issues.
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  3. Thank you,I'll check the Mlps and Vss
  4. I have not changed the gear set in it,not sure if the previous owner had
  5. I pulled the aode from my car,all the fluid was still really clean,the converter looks to be in good shape,found no metal in the pan or filter. Did find that my fluid leak was coming from an electrical connector on the pass.side of the Trans. I haven't gone any further with this Trans purely due to my lack of knowledge about automatic transmissions lol but I have a friend that has an aode out of a 3.8 '94 Mustang that ran and drove well when he pulled it, I know it will bolt in and all the sensors and connections are the same but is there anything I will need to address or that will be different? Thanks for any help