99 Mustang Gt Roller For Trade

Discussion in 'SN95 WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by rockinrhino2003, Jul 14, 2012.

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    I kind of wanta trade my roller for another car that is more setup for drag racing, I dont really want to ruin such a good looking car and make a complete drag car out of it, but whatever I trade to if I do, I want it to be able to be street driven.. As in.. I want a titled car lol.. Anyways here it is, 99 Mustang GT, 91k Miles.. original 5 speed car, Great interior in really great shape. Looks 10x better then the rent-a-car malibu I have interior cleanliness wise.. It is 2 tone, Sonic blue/corvette quick silver. 18x9 18x10 FR500s. Wheels/tires only have 300 miles on them. It has a 4.30 gear in it. I also have 3.73s and 3.27s for it as well. It has black leather interior Smoked tail lights, New brakes all the way around. Also have a brand new Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Pump, 340LPH... Probably 25 miles on it. Also, This car DOES have A forged 9.5:1 comp motor. Probe Forged rods and pistons with a 04 cobra crank. Pistons are -18cc. dish tops. Its all balanced in blueprinted. Car made 379rwhp on a P1sc @ 4500rpm with 6lb of boost, fuel pump was maxed. Now it has the Aeromotive Stealth pump. My father busted 2nd gear in it so it does not have a trans. But if the deal is right the motor will go with it.

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