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    So I've been wanting to get some cobra bumpers for my gt and been looking around on Craigslist, late model, American muscle, mustangs unlimited and abc exclusive... The prices for the fronts range anywhere from mustangs unlimited's $259.00 up to abc exclusive's $449.00. I bought a hood from American muscle and love it, the quality was literally amazing and it fit perfectly. The car came with a cervinis cobra r hood and the quality was great as well, but it didn't line up right. Basically I want to get the best deal I can get. Does any one have any of mustangs unlimited's hoods or bumpers? How's the quality? If you had a choice would you buy from them again? It's just $259.00 sounds to good to be true. Let me know!!
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    You may inquire as to what they are made out of and how they mount. Some are fiberglass and some are urethane or rubber. BIG difference in part and price. Some mount with screws and tape and some with factory style mounting. Do your homework. Mustangs Unlimited is a supplier, not a manufacturer so you may want to ask who makes the part.

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