Automotive Marketing Group is a SCAM!!!

Discussion in 'Other Classifieds' started by KOM TES, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    Just trying to save someone the grief.

    These guys advertise themselves as a site that will post your car to find a buyer, specializing in credit risk buyers.

    I got a call 3 weeks ago saying they had a buyer they had already approved that wanted my exact car. They were sending him to me on Mon (it was a Thurs), and all I had to do was give a $500 security that I would get back when the guy bought the car - matter of fact, the guy would have a check that they are co-signing for the full asking price, plus the $500. The $500 is just there so I hold the car until the guy shows up and that I don't change my mind and inconvienience this supposed buyer.

    Well you guessed it. 3 weeks later - no buyer, and every message I've left has been unreturned.

    Do not go near these guys with a 10ft pole.
Thread Status:
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