Expired C&l 80mm Maf System For 1996-2001 4.6l Mustang Cobra & Bullitt

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    C&L Performance Part # 10699- Brand New Still in box - Original Packaging
    Asking $150.00 obo

    We've got the kit for your 2 or 4-valve 4.6L Mustang. This package features a brand new 80mm housing, C&L Filter and a plastic shield to cover the filter and hold the assembly in place. Through extensive testing on our DynoJet dynamometer, we have found consistently excellent results. On a 2-valve model horsepower increases by fourteen with a solid average of ten more horsepower by 3000 RPM to redline. The 4-valve model also benefits from the deeper breathing of this package adding a minimum of eleven horsepower with a peak of sixteen more horsepower. These results were achieved on a vehicle that was equipped with a K&N filter in their factory airbox assembly.

    This package gives you the best performance AS DELIVERED and is not intended to be used in conjunction with any "cold air" or "ram air" packages. Dyno testing has proven that our system provides more horsepower the way it comes from us, as cold air is being delivered to the filter.

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