c4 to 5.0 roller probs

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    ok i gotta no name 157 tooth 50.oz, but not sure if it is 1/2 in. offset. heres some pics, since this is probably from who knows where and not ford, shoud i worry about it being properly balanced? 40 bux is a deal!
    oem number he(store guy) says is C3AZ-D6375L
    also is the aod blockplate gonna work with the small c4 bell? im putting a new 5.0 in. thanks

    <BR><!-- BBCode Start --><IMG SRC="http://home.earthlink.net/~michelemichel/images/5.0-157flex50oz.JPG" BORDER="0" WIDTH="520" HEIGHT="390"><!-- BBCode End -->
    <BR><!-- BBCode Start --><IMG SRC="http://home.earthlink.net/~michelemichel/images/5.0-157flex50oz2.JPG" BORDER="0" WIDTH="520" HEIGHT="390"><!-- BBCode End -->

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