CDC 1967 Flashback Ford Mustang on eBay

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    If you have ever had the chance to hit up the SEMA show in Las Vegas, then there is no doubt you have come across the Classic Design Concepts (CDC) booth, loaded with tastefully equipped custom automobiles with sensible enhancements & modifications. One such specimen, which made its debut back in 2007, is now up on the block with less than a week to go until it finds a new home. CDC’s 1967 Flashback Ford Mustang project is one of special repute, with its Dynacorn body, Shelby GT500 V8, Tremec 6-speed, customer 4-link rear, Wilwood brakes (and lots more add-ons) making any future owner smile for miles.
    So if you have a love for the Ford Mustang classics AND a fat six figures to spend ($109,900 as of this posting), then head on over to the auction page below, and put your money where your mouth is.
    Source: eBay via MustangsDaily
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    So who makes the nose they used on that 67? I want to do the nose of my 68 and am looking at the MTF nose, but DO NOT want an E.
    I also want a 68-S hood

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