Comparison - Not All Control Arms Are Created Equal

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    Hello All:

    The problem most consumers face when purchasing suspension upgrade components for their vehicle is often whether or not they are purchasing the right product and will it live up to their performance expectations.

    Oftentimes, faced with cost and brand considerations, consumers may inadvertently purchase a product from a source that they think is a quality supplier/manufacturer, only to find out that the part they purchased for their American pony car lacked proper engineering and performance/safety validation, was built with substandard materials and with inferior quality processes. As a result, the “deal” they thought they had ends up being a disaster.

    In the ensuing paragraphs and pictures, we are going to expose a HUGE quality difference that you must consider when purchasing ANY performance part for your vehicle. Like the proverb says:

    “Let the Buyer Beware”…

    Check out the following release we did to show the Steeda difference!



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