Crate Coyote Engine Alternator Light.

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    Hi guys,

    I have the coyote crate engine. I am going to install it on a FFR MK4. the alternator is the coyote alternator (Ford Racing Coyote' 5.0L 4V Alternator Kit (11-12 GT) at - Discontinued) there is a plug on the alternator that gets connected to the coyote harness. the plug has three wires. on the alternator there is a scheme that i believe its for the wires (BVS, RC, LI). I was just speaking with Ford Racing parts tech line, and he said that in order to run an alternator light I have to connect one end of the light to the VBAT wire on the alternator and the other end to a ground. I asked about a resistor in between and his answer was " I have never did that before but he doesnt think I will need one (resistor). Also he said that I should not connect the other two pins (RC, IL) as the PCM will not use them and it might overcharge.... anybody did this? or know something about it??


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