Edelbrock 2031 Combo

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by BaLleRz68, May 30, 2013.

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    I have a stock 1967 C-code 289 with just headers and a MSD 6AL box and was wondering if anybody every installed the edelbrock 2031 carb and intake combo. Would this kit be good for my setup? Anyone have any experience with this kit? I'm actually debating between the performer and peformer RPM. I did a search and some people are dissapointed with the performer RPM on a stock engine. I plan on doing the carb and intake first and maybe a cam later on. Anyone dissapointed with the performer RPM on a stock engine?
    Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
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    My free advice, is that if you are planning a camshaft upgrade, wait until you have it all together. Depending on how much cam you decide on, you may need a new torque converter, if it's an automatic, as well as new gears.
    Why buy twice? Otherwise, the carb and intake kit looks like a decent deal. Edelbrock carbs can be difficult to get the linkage to work right, FYI...Not necessarily "hard", but not a straight bolt on. And don't forget the kickdown linkage.

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