Engine Mods and California Smog Rules

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by OrionStang, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Hopefully some Cali guys will see this and help. I want to start modding my 2010 GT but I am worried about passing smog. How do some of the heavily modded vehicles out here pass? I mean, hell, even my new CAI might be a problem, California smog laws blow.
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    Easy, make sure what ever parts you buy have a 50 state C.A.R.B. number.
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    They sure do. It isn't limited to smog checks either. In some regions of California, there are highway checkpoints setup by CHP at random to check the car. There don't appear to be consequences at this time for failing a roadside smog check, but it wouldn't surprise me if California legislature deems it a lucrative venture and adds it to the list of possible fines.

    Due to the smog regulations here, I don't have a CAI installed. I desperately want the Steeda CAI for my 2013 5.0, but it isn't smog legal.

    Best mod we could do is move out of California, but that isn't an option for me. I installed the GT500 axle-back kit as it boasts "50 state legal" for noise requirements, I lowered the car and it has 20-inch Roush rims, and I installed a BAMA custom street tune. I have better torque, a better sound, and a nice look, and it is still smog legal.

    The only other option now would be to go with a supercharger kit as you can find those for use in California. I just don't want forced induction on this particular Mustang.

    I am hoping Steeda gets their CAI to be 50 state legal eventually. If they do, I'm getting one.

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