Exterior body parts for 1978 mustang II COUPE

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  1. hey i bought a coupe which is unfortunate. i beleive it is more rare than the hatches, but man from what I see they are next to impossible to get expterior parts for.....no louvres, no ground effects/no spoilers...
    anyways i was hoping someone could prove me wrong.

    REAR SPOILER:i hear a 69-71 mustang spoiler would fit..the one that raises 2 inches, but i was wondering if anyone knows what else is available for the coupe when it comes to spoilers if anything. do the hatchback spoilers fit on the coupe? i really like the cobra ii spoilers

    FRONT SPOILER: The front spoiler really helps the look of the car. and these do fit whether they are coupe or hatch i believe.

    SIDE SKIRTS: Do they have any side skirts available for the Mustang II coupe?

    HOOD SCOOP: what scoops were used?

    PICS: does anyone have any pics of coupes that were beefed up on the exterior?
  2. With few exceptions your no longer in 'bolt on land'.

    I hope your good with an array of tools.


    There is an aftermarket air dam for the 240Z that I think would look good on a II.

    Also there is a BMW dam I think would look slick.

    Both would take some massaging.
  3. ok....but the lower lip that goes on the Cobra II hatchbacks. wont that fit my coupe? arent all the front noses the same regardless of the rest of the body?
  4. this is eos's car. what spoiler is that on his car? and what would that look like with the front chin spoiler?

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  5. I've seen the 69-70 spoiler used on the coupes so I believe they do fit ok. The best looking spoiler I've seen was from a Thunderbird. The Cobra II hatchback spoiler does not fit without significant modification.


    Nope, although if you were good with a sheetmetal brake I'm sure you could make some rather easily.

    I've seen so many different scoops used ..checkout www.mustangii.org or www.mustangii.net for pics of different IIs.

  6. here is a picture of a king cobra with side skirts. mmmmmmm. i want them


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  7. The front II spoiler fits a coupe fine, it's all the same parts up front (unless it's a 74). Just make sure your stock valance is in good shape (spoiler attaches to it).

    For the rear, you just have to find something you like. I was never a fan of a rear spoiler on a coupe, but some people like it.

    For the side skirts, I have seen fox body GT side skirts put on IIs. I think they are almost a perfect fit, just requiring a little reworking. They look good with the front spoiler.

    No side louvers would fit, and I've never seen a II with rears on a coupe. Would probably look stupid not on a fastback.

    Hood scoop is factory II. The 76-77 cars used a forward facing scoop, and the 77.5-78 cars used the same scoop, backwards. Again, you can put any kind of scoop you want on.

    Here's a pic of my old 351 Ghia with a snorkle scoop:

  8. i hear there are different door mirrors. what are they all like?
  9. Far as I know, they are all the same. There was an option for the dual remote mirrors. I think SOME base model cars may have come with like a cheezy chrome mirror, but I haven't seen one in ages.
  10. My 78 coupe with front spoiler from my 76 cobra.

    Hood scoop is a fiberglass mini cobra jet.

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  11. No skirts there, those are the OE airdam and rear wheel spats
  12. yeah i was told about the spats. i really wanna buy them. what is the airdam you are talking about? (is the airdam another name for the front spoiler?)
  13. yes the air dam is the front spoiler on a KC
  14. ok so whats the difference of the front spoiler from the red king cobra to this one?
    I like the white car's front spoiler better....i want that one i think

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  15. There is a guy here in Calgary that has a full KC spoiler set for $1300 Canadian, if someone was interested. I don't know him/her but would hook you up if you want the KC look.
  16. HER spoiler. ;) :p And It was on there when I bought the car. I've been told it was from an early 80's model T bird. But I don't know how accurate that is. :shrug: I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

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  17. No
  18. I've been looking ant your avitar for a while and have to ask ...

    Do you ever get out of second?
  19. oh boy oh boy...am i ever mixed up. maybe i should sell the II and stick with my 93
    to make things simple...this is the front spoiler that I want pic4.jpg
    now is this a one piece front spoiler? (or the 3 piece with the two side spats)

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  20. that is the 1 piece spoiler, the dam is on the one with spats

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