Expired For Sale Or Trade 87 Mustang Coupe 5.0

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale' started by 92stangnumber6, Sep 12, 2012.

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    87 notch. Its an original 5.0 car. It was transported to the states from Canada so the milage and speedometer is in kilometers. It still has the miles per hour just in smaller numbers, the opposite of american cars. It has 182,745 kilometers on it which is 113,552 miles. It was originally white, but was painted black by the previous owner. The body is in good shape and the paint looks good. It does have a spot on the trunk where something was sticking up and cracked the paint on the trunk lid when it was closed but its not very bad. It is all stock except a flowmaster catback and a tuneup I just did on it around a month ago. I put Ford Racing 9mm plug wires, NGK plugs, MSD cap and rotor, MSD streetfire coil, K&N air filter and new motorcraft fuel filter in. Still has the air silencer in it. The engine has had nothing done its all stock. The AOD and rear is stock as well. Everything on the car works, cruise, A/C is cold, heat is hot, power windows and locks all work. I just put a brand new Pioneer CD player and Kenwood speakers in. I still have the original tape player and speakers that came in the car. I was going to start changing the interior to black, but so far only changed the front seats. I still have the original red seats, they just need cleaning up from being stored. The inside is clean, no rips etc. It runs strong to be all stock and an automatic. I would drive it anywhere. It has chrome ponies with Kumho 245/50R16 tires. They are in good shape. I still have the 10 holes to go with it. It has the ultra clear headlights, I still have the original ones. I have the original owners manual and a folder with maintenance records that go back several years on the car.
    Now the bad. It does have some rust under it due to it being in Canada. It is not rusted through anywhere, mainly surface rust. I have no problem with anyone coming out and inspecting it if they are serious about the car.
    Im asking $5500 or best offer. Im open to trading up for 93 99 01 03 04 Cobra's, 02/03 Mach 1's, 01 Bullitt's, and other foxbody coupes. Best way to talk with me is to call 912-385-3805. I'm located in Jesup Georgia. http://photobucket.com/87mustangcoupe

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