Ford Mustang Video Series Countdown – The Mustang Ii

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    “Like one, you’d best like ‘em all…”, my uncle used to always tell me when referring to the Ford Mustang attraction. Others will tend to disagree, but quite frankly, if you really are a fanatic about a car, guess what–you’re going to have to own up and take the (perceived) bad along with the good. And that’s just it; the Ford Mustang II is most commonly referred to as the bastard child of the Mustang’s long-standing good record…but if one steps back and examines the actual facts, it quickly becomes evident this little red-haired kid pretty much carried the Mustang moniker throughout some of the toughest times in American automobile history.

    Ford continues with its 50th Anniversary countdown video series, and this time around, they dive into just how significant the Mustang II really is, quelling the silly hate these cars so often bring about when the topic of the mid-1970s Mustang years come up in conversation.

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    There's a reason I've owned three and currently have two. They're simply fun to drive. Throw bolt-ons at a factory V8 car with a decent set of wheels and tires and go find some pavement to tear up. It's that simple to have fun with one (and that cheap). The only other car like that is the fox-body, and everyone and their uncle has one of those.

    Hell, I even love the hate from other Mustang owners that comes standard. :stir:
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