Build Thread Fox Length Axles And Stock Sn95 Brake Brackets

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  1. That makes a lot more sense. Appreciate the time you took finding a way to explain that piece. :nice:
  2. Couldn't have explained it any better myself. Thank you!
  3. Sorry, been out of town on business. But yes, those are exactly how the spacers work. I made a small attempt at fabbing my own out of a steel pipe cuppling, but after 20 minutes of grinding, and still not being close, I just ordered those. They work pretty well.

  4. I'm in the middle of doing this conversion on my car, but I'm using my existing Fox housing with Ranger axles. Does anyone have an idea on mounting the SN95 soft line brackets?
  5. I plan on using 03-04 Cobra parts. My car is still 4 lug with SVO front, North Race Cars Disc conversion. Still need to get the fox length axles, rims & tires.
  6. Purchase 94-95 Mustang rear soft lines. They bolt to the axle housing. 96-later lines bolt to the body, so you don't want those.

    I think the lines are $10-20 each from an autoparts store. I sprung for the MM stainless lines on mine. Tough to see but the mount is right behind the shock
  7. Thanks, Mike. I referenced the FRPP 2300K instructions; I removed the lower shock bolt, moved the shock out of the way, drilled and tapped a hole, and installed the line. I already have my swap finished, I just need to bleed the fronts. I can't wait to try out the new brakes and a fresh Trac-Loc.

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  8. Did this brake swap work out ok ??? Looks like a cheaper way to install sn95 disc brakes on my car...I have a 95 with a fox 89 rearend...Will C-Clip eleminators still work also ??? I have mosier 35 spline axles, full spool and drum brakes....

  9. Anyone ???
  10. Billy I'm in the same boat. I am hoping to make it work with stock length axles. I have strange axles and spool. There has to be ways as people narrow rear ends often enough and still run disc. I also thought that if I had to buy true custom axles I may just narrow the rear while I'm at it.

  11. Who would swap an 89 rear into a 95? Did you buy it that way?
  12. Those spacers aren't necessary, the rotor indexes onto the studs and centers just fine without them. That said, great writeup. Whodathunk? You will need some adapter fittings to attach the SN95 flex lines to the Fox hard lines. I think they're Edelman 258340 3/16 x 1/4
  13. Lmfao. My dad swapped an 88 into his '96, and that's how he taught me to do this :lol:
    In his defense, he didn't know the SN rears were wider, and his car was originally a V6 so he didn't have the SN 8.8 to start with

  14. A friend of mine was just trying to set all this up, He run into one problem...He has 35 spline moser axles, the axle flange measure's about 6-1/4 ... The rear rotor we have has a step inside and the axle flange won't sit flat against the inside bottom rotor... The rotor is abou 5"+ where the step is , close to the bottom....
  15. Do you have a friend with a lathe?

    Can the step be machined off so it fits?

    Only issue is every time you do rear brakes you'll need to do this.

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