Full Length Stripe Kits For 2013-14 Mustangs

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  1. We offer 3 different full length stripe kits for 2013-14 Mustangs. All kits are pre-cut and all pieces are labeled for location to make install easier. We also offer installation at our shop in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Supersnake style stripes:

    Dual Stripes:

    Dual stripes with pin:
  2. Also available for convertibles:
  3. If you are able to bring your car to our shop in Fort Worth, Texas we have installation available on all of our products. Installation on our full length stripe kits costs $150
  4. We have all products available in over 20 colors, everything from matte black to hot pink.

  5. Matte Blue stripes on a Silver GT
  6. Can the matte black stripes be waxed? What's the cost for a set of Super Snake stripes? Do you have matching rocker stripes?
  7. They can be cleaned with spray detailers or spray waxes, but rubbing compound or paste type waxes will stain vinyl. We use Meguires Ulimate Quik Detailer on the vinyl with no damage (actually helps the vinyl with bird droppings, road grime, etc). The super snake stripes cost $249.95 for standard colors. We also have matching rocker stripes available for $59.95