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    I'm thinking about a base 2014 GT since I don't think I can afford a Premium - I may be able to find a 2013 GT Premium for a deal...

    Of the Premium features, I'm most interested in what is found in the TECH packages (sync, bluetooth, hands free phone, etc) and the leather seats - I don't really care if its a power seat...

    I know that I can add the tech package, but I was wondering the following:

    1. Did you add an aftermarket stereo / speakers to your mustang and if so which one?
    2. Did you add aftermarket leather and if so, what was the cost?
    3. Did you get your vehicle for cheaper than invoice / xplan BEFORE trade in and rebates - if so, how much? I'm trying to figure the wiggle room in the pricing.

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    Changing the stereo is difficult in these models and expensive. Get the premium.
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    I was in the same boat. Check out my separate thread here (hope I added that link right; if not it's only a thread or two below this one). Best I could tell was leather would probably cost close to $2,000, stereo nearly another $1,000, and then I ended up finding a deal, just as you say, on a 2013 Premium. As a special bonus, I ended up with the 401A interior upgrade, which is pretty awesome. Right now Ford offers $2,500 in cash back on a 2013, and if you sign up for a brochure on Ford's website they might send you a $750 coupon for a total of $3,250. And 2013s should be discounted a bit deeper; I paid roughly X-plan pricing before my discount/trade even though my salesman spent some time sourcing and transporting it from another dealer. You might do even better.

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