How Much Would It Cost To Do A Complete Pi Swap?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Nick D, Oct 1, 2013.

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    How much would it cost to do a complete PI Swap? I want to do a complete PI swap on my 98 gt but i need to save up for it. Also, how much increase in Horsepower will i see?
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    The answer of course, will depend on your resources available and your abilities. It could be anywhere from $300 to $3,000 or more, depending how you approach it.

    If you have a local junk yard which you can pull the parts yourself, you could probably squeak by around $300 if you didn't rebuild any of the parts. If you had a shop do the labor and put in ported heads with aftermarket cams, it will certainly be on the other side of $3,00, maybe closer to 4k.

    As for power gains, on a mostly stock setup going to stock PI stuff, you should see around 40-55rwhp. With a tune, you'll be on the higher end. Obviously, ported heads and cams will give you more, even up to 100rwhp with the right combo.

    I went with just a PI intake and PI cams. That'll give you 80% of the gains with half the work. I have been contemplating throwing some PI heads on, now that I have them in hand. Might do a little light porting and give it some new valve seals to make it worth while.
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    I've seen heads/cams/intake in perfect condition go on forum classifieds for $400 or cheaper. Just saw a complete, low mile setup sell on a local forum for $300. Throw in all the gaskets you need and fluids, and it can easily be done for around $500. Full PI motors can be had for just a little more for a more straightforward swap, but you're taking a bigger risk with something being wrong with it.

    Stock NPI cars are rated around 220. Stock PI cars are 260ish. So there's a 40 hp difference stock. The extra compression is worth a solid 10 more hp, and a tune would probably be worth 10 more, too. So as Brian said, a full swap with a tune will net you a good 50-60 rwhp. A PI headswap car with basic bolt-ons (offroad midpipe, CAI, UDPs), will make north of 260 rwhp and should run low 13s pretty easily with a decent driver. Long tubes, drag radials, and gears would put it in the 12s. Pretty stout car, really.

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