J&m Products Caster Camber Plates For Ford Mustang

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    Whether you have just picked up a Ford Mustang for the strip or the street, one of the most popular modifications nearly every enthusiast seeks after is that of suspension. Be it for looks or for slaloming through the twisties, lowering the Mustang is a very solid and appealing change-up from the stock 4×4 ride height.

    One critical piece to doing this, at least what’s deemed the right way, is to allow for adjustment and solid adherence to the overall suspension integrity. How’s this completed? Via quality caster/camber plates of the adjustable variety.

    J&M Products has been with StangNet since the beginning, and we’re glad to give them some serious props yet again for their sets of CC plates for both the 1994 – 2004 Ford Mustang and the 2011 – Present model year Ford Mustang. What’s more is these guys back up their work with lifetime product warranties, utilize high-strength materials, and most importantly, craft their own products right here in the USA.

    So what are you waiting for–hit up their site NOW and check out these CC plates, amongst a ton of other awesome stuff they have to offer!

    Source: J&M Products

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