Killer 358ci Street Engine

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by chracing17, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Built by Hitech Racing Engines in NC. Was used in a circle track car, but being that it is a 9:1 engine this could easily be used with pump gas in a street car. Has Ford Racing 351 block, Yates C3 heads with ti valves, retainers and keepers, T&D Rockers, Bryant billet LW crank, billet Kryptonite rods w/Carr bolts, Roush intake plus more. It is setup as a wet sump with single stage external pump with Pro-cam pan. Built with all the best parts which can turn 8800 rpm all day long. Only 100 laps since completely fresh. Comes complete engine, dual pickup MSD billet distributor, fuel pump, water pump, oil system, QM bellhousing, 3-disc clutch, QM throwout bearing, and 850 cfm carb. Engine made 700 hp on race gas, so it should still make over 600 easily on pump gas. Could also be boosted. You will have a hard time breaking this bottom end. Will sell several different ways.

    Complete engine with single stage oil system, ignition and 950 carb - $7000
    Short block with oil system, water pump, front drive/cover - $4500
    Heads, intake and rockers only - $3000

    Chris @ 248-670-0029 or [email protected]. Located north of Detroit, MI.
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