Expired Mustang Boss Gt 302 5.0 Cut-out Off Road Drag Open Exhaust Kit 2011-2013

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by silvergt500, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Basically this is M-5220-MB, Ford Racing Side Exhaust Kit Without the Side Exhaust . It can be used for Drag Racing/ Street Racing/Road Course, etc. It will bolt right up to Stock 5.0 Exhaust on your Gt or Boss. If, you are looking for the Hot Ticket, More RWHP and Sound this is it. M-5220-MB Retails for $895.00 and Wholesales for around $750.00. As Stated, this Unit is NEW, never mount on anything. Ok, Relisted on Ebay, Straight Auction Starting at $299.99. High bidder Wins Period. I think this is a gift, considering what it cost New.
    Mustang Ford Racing Side Exhaust Kit 'Boss 302' GT 2011-2013

    (Again, Note this is NOT the Side Exhaust Kit). It is this Cutout part of the kit, AS Pictured. What is pictured is what you get period.

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