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  1. what if you get a trim kit thats moves the heat controls to the bottom and radio to the top?
  2. Don't think it would ffer any better mounting solution for two single don radios.

    Plus, it would require modification to the center console I don't really want to do
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  4. I think what makes the stock radio look so good with the black Fox interior is the fact that it seems to blend in and is almost unnoticable. It is like an afterthought that, "hey there is a radio there" type of thing. It definetly does not overpower the feel of the black console. Compared to the in your face look of the current aftermarket systems, this thing looks completely outdated, yet absolutly like the right fit for the Foxbody appeal.
  5. 5L5, any updates?

  6. Well, since the radio, only mod I've done is been to add bullit pedals.

    I made a vid a few weeks back, but I haven't done much or driven the car lately.

    Hopefully this fall/winter I can get some more stuff done. I still have plenty I want to do.

    YouTube - ‪1988 Mustang LX 5.0‬‏
  7. Just to update.

    Made a trade with a board member this week. Straight trade for my steeda Tri-ax for his MGW shifter.

    Needless to say I am happy. I should have bought this shifter to begin with, but the steeda was a gift and I didn't get to choose.

    I just love MGW shifters....this is my 2nd :)
  8. Congrats! I have one too but it has the silver racing handle. Haven't installed it yet...I figure if I'm going to start to take my console apart I might as well do the dash and get to my heater core and cluster that I've been putting off for way too long :)
  9. you dont have to take the console apart at all. just remove the shifter boot and trim :nice:
  10. removing the console does make putting the inner shift boot back easier. But if you have swivels and other angle tools, it can be done. I swapped shifters by just pulling the boot up
  11. Been a while......


    And it's got friends..... :)

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    Now the only thing stopping me from reinstalling my A/C is swapping out the old Evap core which is filthy inside. I have a brand new Ford unit....actually...everything i'm reinstalling is brand new Ford! I scored a new Deep Vacuum pump, and have been studying up on A/C to really do this right!

    I figure with what i spent on OEM Ford components....i might as well splurge for the good stuff. besides, have you seen what R-134a sells for these days? $15-20 a can! R-12 is not that much more expensive on Ebay.
  12. A/C is a must. If you need a set of refrigeration gauges let me know, Mike.
  13. Decided to just add pics to my thread rather than cloud up other threads. So, after a few years of life on hold, I'm back to toying with the mustang. New house, and finally a garage.

    Not much has changed in 5 years. Car is a little dusty, and could use some good cleaning. Only damage from a few years of storage was a heavy item falling and breaking the Saleen spoiler.

    So I removed it. Also damaged was the molding on the drivers side rear, so that was removed too. Found a replacement and having it painted along with LX wing.
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    Secured a nice LX wing, and currently getting it painted up. First shots ever with LX wing in a decade or so
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    Testing out the new rims
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    Feels good to have her back. First major project will prob be putting the new ac system back in...along with R-12

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    PS. New daily driver too
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  14. Woot! Welcome back to the game.
  15. Always loved those wheels.
  16. Always liked your car, simple and clean. Glad to see you active again.

    PS, congrats on the house and having a garage now. Most of us take that for granted!
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