New Boss 302 Spring Option From Steeda!

Discussion in 'Steeda Autosports' started by SteedaGus, Nov 10, 2011.

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    2012 Boss 302 owners, you own what is arguably the best handling and overall best performing Mustang ever produced. As good as Ford made it, it can be made even better!

    We have taken the time to develop a Boss 302 specific set of springs for competition and street use. Our Boss 302 specific springs will greatly improve your Boss 302's overall weight distribution. This is achieved by lowering the ride height only 0.2 inches in the front, and 0.7 to 0.8 inches in the rear.

    With the front ride height remaining largely unchanged your front roll center geometry remains intact. Spring rates are substantially increased to greatly reduce body roll and reduce nose dive under braking for greatly improved control and balance.

    These springs achieve all of this while maintaining near stock ride quality characteristics making them completely streetable, so if you enjoy taking your Boss 302 Mustang around town, you will enjoy it even more with these springs!

    Now in stock and ready to ship, part number 555-8245. Retail price is 299.95, our limited time introductory price will be 239.95. These are in stock now and ready to take your Boss 302 to the next level!

    Order Link: Boss Performance Lowering Springs


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    Bad Boss 302
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    Dec 5, 2011
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    I just installed these springs on my Boss 302 and they are fantastic. The major lowering is in the rear and it looks really good. The front is just a hair lower but the increased spring rates really keep the Boss level on tight turns. I love these things.