New Haven CT - used shock/strut, springs, strut tower plates

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by kalvick, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Norwalk, CT
    Hey guys

    I am selling my 2001 Mustang's used stock suspension parts. When I swapped these parts out for some aftermarket suspension parts the odometer showed approximately 19000 miles.
    So these are low milage parts.

    In this package you will receive the stock parts which include, 2 Shocks, 2 Struts, 2 strut tower plates, and the 4 springs. Also included are the spring isolators.
    I would assume these parts will fit on other model mustangs like the 94 to 04 but I can not guarantee it.

    Im asking $400 for everything , local pick up at my work place in new haven CT only.

    pics and my craigslist add located here. 01 Mustang OEM shocks, struts, CC plates, springs

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