ok where Im at now with my 2.3 mod list

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    Im building a kinda high compression 2.3 that started life as a 87 efi motor and Im going carbed and doing the usual mods such as:

    94 ranger header (acts like a shorty header)
    shaving the head (not sure how much yet)
    cam (not sure what specs I can have with the head being shaved)
    350cfm or 500cfm holley 2bbl carb (not sure on size needed)
    diy meth injection (to think it is running race gas)
    50-100 shot of nitrous (mainly for the car to feel a little more manly)

    I dont know if the meth will work with a nitrous setup being on also and not being ran alot or if this will work perfectly together in the way I think it will work.

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