One Of The Better 2015 Ford Mustang Realistic Renderings

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    We have all seen plenty of what is to be the next Ford Mustang in several artistic sketches and renderings. Up until now, most have seemed to be far-fetched, edgy, and a little too “bought in” to the Evos concept debuted some time ago. This one, by Josiah LaColla, seems to show some of the more realistic and tastefully applied changes we’re rumored to see in the 2015 Mustang.

    Such cues as a luminous grille, reduced headlamps, a contoured roofline all factor into this one. But only time will tell just how accurate (or not) this one is to be. We have heard some solid speak of Ford being set to debut the next Mustang this December. What leads to be said & seen, however, is if the 2014 1/2 and the 2015 Mustang will be close in kin, or nearly complete strangers of design and drama.

    Until then, we all have nothing to do, except sit back and stew…

    Source: via LaColla Design

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