Expired Or Trade J4j1 Ecu, 70mm Tb, H Pipes, Stock 95 Airbox, Lots Of Parts

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by rock4451, May 27, 2013.

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    I have a bunch of parts for sale, all prices are OBO and don't include shipping. I can send pics of any of it, just email [email protected] and ask.

    J4J1 computer (94/95 Cobra computer), had a chip in it so the back is taped $200
    60 pin main computer harness for J4J1 $180
    EFI Injector harness for 94/5 - $100
    O/R H, has small crack by where collector meets headers, can be welded easily, will fit fox or 94/5 - $100.00
    Stock 4-cat H from 87 fox 5.0 - $40.00
    70mm BBK Throttle body for 94/5 with TPS sensor and IAC - $130
    Cobra Lower intake, mild porting done, flows better than a stock one - $100
    Stock 5.0 upper intake from fox - $25
    Stock Airbox for 95 5.0, complete from TB to air filter
    70mm 94/5 Cobra MAF with K&N Filter bolted on - $100
    Stock 91 Fox body MAF - $30
    Scorpion 1.72 stud mount Roller Rockers, less than 3,000 miles on them - $150
    OBO on everything

    I'm willing to trade as well, I need an A9L computer (89-93) for MAF cars, Cobra/Explorer upper intake, the main computer wiring harness (60 pin) for A9L, and injector harness.

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